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Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet

This kind of hot dip galvanized steel sheet, also referred to as galvanized steel coil, is mainly used in machinery fields, light industry, construction sector, transportation field, chemical industry, and home appliances.

It can be made by coating the zinc onto the surface of cold-rolled steel strip by the means of continuous hot dip. Compared with cold rolled sheet and ordinary galvanized sheet, this kind of galvanized steel sheet has superb surface, better corrosion resistance, and better moisture resistance.

Technical Parameters:

Width(mm):900 -1250
Max. zinc content(double-side g/m2):150
Inner diameter:508mm
Weight of sheet coil:3-5ton
Surface structure: zero zinc spangle/small zinc spangle / normal zinc spangle
Surface treatment: Fingerprint resistant, environmental passivation, oiling, finishing

Detection Index:

Detection items Normal standards Changsong standards
Film coating ±0.10um ±0.05um
Hardness <130 <110
Impact 6-8 J 10 J
Yield strength 200-280Mpa 260-300Mpa
Elongation >25% >30%

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet for Appliances:

Appications Cold-rolled sheet Hot dip galvanized steel sheet Mechanical properties
Ordinary use SPCC SGCC/DX51D Tensile strength ≥ 270MPa
Yield strength 130-270MPa
Extension rate 28-36%
Stamping use SPCD SGCD/DX52D Tensile strength ≥ 270MPa
Yield strength 120-240MPa
Extension rate 32- 38%
Strain hardening 0.18
Plastic strain 1.4
Deep drawing use SPCE SPCEN SGCE/DX53D Tensile strength 260MPa
Yield strength 120-210MPa
Extension rate 36- 38%
Strain hardening 0.2
Plastic strain 1.5

Company Brief:

Changzhou Changsong Metal Composite Material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of hot dip galvanized steel sheet in China. Besides this, we still provide hot dip Al-Zn alloy coated sheet, PPGI roofing sheet, PVDF steel sheet, HDP steel sheet, etc. We have built up cooperative relationships with many famous international companies, like Nippon of Japan, KCC of Korea, Valspar of U.S. and such. If you need hot dip galvanized steel sheet (galvanized steel coil), please don't hesitate to contact us.